BIG Design Ideas For Small Bathrooms

Published: 12th May 2010
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Remodelling a small bathroom is expensive; generally, redecorating small bathrooms is not. Town homes, apartments, condos, and older homes are the first places typically adorned with tiny master bathrooms, and while there isn't much we can do to alter the space without spending big bucks or getting in trouble with a landlord, there are some great design ideas and decorating tips for the small bathroom that will create the feeling of a larger space; or at the very least, a more appreciated space.

Wall colour serves a primary role in creating a more open feel in bathroom décor. A light colour softens the walls of the bathroom creating a more airy look, and eliminates the closed in suffocating feel of dark wallpapers or dark paint. Soft colours used throughout the bathroom will open the room.

Your favourite colour choices can still be incorporated throughout the bathroom accents, but subtle use is best. Walls painted in a cream or taupe will create the initial open appeal followed by a white or textured white shower curtain, which is another big space for colour use.

Integrate your accent colour themes in bath towels, face washers, hand towels, and bath mats on display throughout the bathroom. However, keep the light coloured theme going through bathroom accessories that tend to take up space anyway such as the soap dispenser, soap dish, toothbrush holder, ect. Eliminating any unnecessary knickknacks, and creating a clutter free look is essential in making the bathroom appear larger. The same rule applies to any other room in the house.

If you do have the opportunity to change out some fixtures, pedestal sinks have become a staple in today's style and demand for all that is vintage. Pedestal sinks, unfortunately, limit any under sink storage, but the extra bathroom space and added bathroom style is a worthy trade off.

Another major change would be to the flooring and countertops in the bathroom. Outdated, stained, or damaged flooring and countertops are decorating nightmares. All of the hard work you put into decorating the bathroom could be dampened by harsh surfaces. Carpet in bathrooms is out, and light coloured tiled surfaces are in. Countertops can be purchased affordably using eco-friendly countertop surfaces or consider investing in custom-built cabinetry.

Added lighting through natural light and new light fixtures with a large framed mirror create a bright inviting appeal, and ultimately creates a bigger, more attractive feel in your bathroom décor.

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