The Health Benefits of Using Linen Throughout Your Home

Published: 12th May 2010
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Did you know that linen fabrics often used in tablecloths, napkin sets and other table linens, duvets, doona covers, sheets, and other bed accessories can promote a number of wonderful health benefits? In a world that treasures organics in everything from food to home décor, linen is storming the world of decorating through such a big movement that interior decorators are calling this the revolution of linen. Before you buy your next cotton accessory, consider the benefits of linen.

Today, people are researching organic health benefits and eco-friendly living like never before; people are trying to find ways to harmonize with the earth in ways that promote better benefits for both, and this has now trickled down into home décor. Linen was quickly identified as a befitting resource.

Linen has been used since ancient times for clothing, bed linens, decorating, and number of other uses. The fabric is an all-natural bled of flax fibres, and most renowned for the soft, fresh, and cool feel to the skin as well as linen's highly absorbent, natural lustre, and durable qualities. Most linen is considered to be eco-friendly and organic, because the linen fibres must be unharmed and maintained in their most natural state to be high quality.

Linen is a naturally hypoallergenic fabric, and can help people avoid common allergic reactions. This is particularly important for linen duvet covers, sheets, and pillowcases where the body spends a significant amount of time in contact with the fabric. In dining room décor, linen tea towels and linen napkins will be a much better alternative than polyester blends or cotton. As we have stated before, linen is made of natural fibres, and in the production process of weaving the natural fibres, linen is produced as hypoallergenic material.

Studies have shown that linen is also better at regulating body temperature than other fabrics. The weaving of the fabric has made linen to be very breathable, which is very practical in cool whether, but insulating to be very warm in the winter. Investing in linen sheets and duvet covers is a great way to get a four season material; cool in the summer, and warm in the winter. Since linen is such an absorbable fabric, linen sheets, while not only being a stylish addition to room décor will absorb any sweat keeping the sleeper much cooler and more comfortable during hot nights.

We have touched on how linen is a very durable fabric, but we have to add that one benefit of this strength is that the fabric is resistant from dirt and bacteria. Pure linen naturally suppresses pathogenic microflora, fungi, and bacteria. This antibacterial quality has made linen bedding, linen towels, and other accessories a common product in hospitals (primary fabric used in operating rooms), nursing homes, and other places promoting sterile environments.

One benefit that will definitely keep dinner guests happy as they sit around linen tablecloths, linen table runners, linen placemats, linen napkins, linen tea towels, and you in a linen apron is the inability of static electricity to build up on the threads. No one likes getting shocked, and no one will when you use linen!

Linen has even been said to be beneficial to the cardio vascular, muscular, and nervous systems. Additionally, the breaks in the microscopic composition of the fibres create a naturally massaging effect increasing blood-flow and inducing relaxation. From dining room linens to linen bedroom accessories, choose to incorporate a better fabric in your home next time you are looking for any décor accessory.

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